Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vintage Storage!

They say if you have more than two of something, it's a collection.  So, I guess I'm collecting metal storage boxes!
I have these three large sizes.  I use the hang tags to tell me what is inside each box.
The next two are half sizes.  I use all of these to store my paper punches, buttons and pins that are listed, buttons and pins that are waiting to be listed and smalls that are to be listed.
This is a roll top box that I store staples, paper work etc. in.
Here is a small index box I found:
It turned out to be perfect for my business cards!
Here are some I found for sale (click on photo to be taken to shop)!
I REALLY want this one!
From MoxieThrift (↑)
Okay, I REALLY want this one, too!
From  MrsRekamepip (↑)
From BlueBell (↑) (I can see a bunch of these all stacked up and holding shipping receipts, photos and postcards etc.)
Hope you enjoyed this post!


Kim said...

So industrial chic! Thanks for mentioning my small metal file box.

Angela said...

I can't get enough metal storage boxes either!! Great choices --love the floral one!!

VintageEmbellishment said...

I hate to admit it but I think I still have some around with old paperwork in them....LOL! I can now bring them back out and be trendy! WooHoo!