Monday, August 15, 2011

A Pop Up Vintage Sale????

What's that???

Well one thing it can be called  is lots of fun

We were invited to participate in one that happened Saturday, Aug. was a first for us...and we had so much fun...found some wonderful "stuff" to buy and also sold lots of  "stuff"...the bestest of both worlds :)

The venue was perfect....a wonderful building with lots of old brick walls, original stenciling around the ceiling, great architectural elements, the perfect atmosphere for a sale of vintage items....
The other sellers were great, somehow our items blended together and created an irresistible vintage least irresistible to me....I found so much I needed to buy!  Even better we turned out to be a very compatible group, lots of talking and!

The customers were super...several were planning Vintage themed weddings (hint...this seems to be the latest trend for weddings) and helping them find the perfect items to enhance their weddings and later their new homes was ....let me say it!
Thought I would share with you photos of the shops setup for the sale and links to each of them...this way you can be part of the fun too!

Entering the building the morning of the sale this is the sight that greeted everyone...

 Who can resist a cabinet loaded with chemistry glass?  I couldn't...just sayin!

"Found" is a company that rents and sells vintage items, specializing in props for on the name and check them will love what you find.

They are the owners of the amazing location where the sale was held...below are a couple more photos of the items they had in this sale.

By the end of the 4 hour sale they were pretty much cleaned out...

We first heard about the sale when Danni of "OhHelloFriend" sent us a message asking if we would be interested in participating....It took us about 5 minutes to decide...YES!

This is a photo of part of her display, much great "stuff"....

Tucked in another corner of the front room was "Ruche" with a table full of wonderful items and racks of vintage clothing...(vintage clothing was one of the "hot" items at this sale!)


When you look at the photo of the view that greeted the customers you can peek through the door at the back and look into the other room where 6 more sellers were located....

She describes her style this way...
"I love the patterns, shapes and textures of the mid-century era....I love discovering little pieces of history and using them to transform my space. I am also addicted to bright colors, especially coral and mint." 

 A great selection of vintage clothing, wonderful handmade pillows and to quote them " one-of-a-kind items, other items are handmade or repurposed from vintage elements".

You can see by her photo the great selection of vintage clothes, handbags and home decor she carries...also check out her blog for info on the B&M shop she is opening....and more of her unique items she collects and sells,  Salvage Life Blog

This great area was the combination space of 2 sellers, both with an incredible eye for what is unique and stylish.....You can find them here:
       The House of Blessings  and here: The Tarnished Crown

Last of all was our space....
         VintageEmbellishment aka  VE

Whew!  Lots of great "stuff", great sellers, great venue and great customers...once again...say it with me please....FUN!

If you click on each of the seller names you can find their shops and/or blogs :)


Runs With Scissors said...

Everything about this screams WOW! What a great concept and what fun!

I have some questions:
1. Did you buy me the metal boxes I see?
2. Is that a horse PBN I see?
3. And if it is, did you buy it for me?

I can see these popping up all across the country! I want to do one :o)

Thanks for sharing, VE!

Peppercorns said...

This is fantastic! I hope the idea catches on.

I see lots of things you probably bought me for my birthday and for Christmas, right? I'll let Runs have the PBN, I'm not greedy. Well not totally. LOL

jj said...

Very very COOL! I imagine it was!
So many things I would have loved to be looking at. The pictures are great, thanks so much for sharing...
(notice I didn't ask what you bought me...lolol!)

A Collective Journal said...

Sorry, I spent all my money on myself!
I did however provide a link to each shop so you could contact them directly in case you see something you cannot live without!

Rose Carey said...

Hi Glenna,
It was so nice to be neighbors at the sale! We look forward to seeing you in November and buying, I mean, bringing lots of goodies, at the show. I'm adding your blog to my blog favorites so I can check in often.