Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can't tell a book by it's cover


Today I am dedicating this post to VE.
I thought a collection of books or related items would be fun and also follow the theme that the sisters have started.


VE has inspired and encouraged many of us. She always has a word of advice whenever you need it. I believe that there is even a rumor going around that she is “the wise one”….her sister may disagree, but then again that is what sisters are for.


She also likes to play on words, and her sense of humor shows through her use of them.



I guess what I want to say is;
Thank you VE it has been a lot of fun and your knowledge and willingness to share has been wonderful. (now don’t be getting a big head and not play nice anymore)




Peppercorns said...

VE's the wise one?!? Bite your tonque jj!

I love old books, handmade books & journals, anything to do with typography, and you've really found some great items! Fun post Jane.

VintageEmbellishment said...

Oh my! Thank you so much! (be quiet pepper, LOL!)

I loved every single item you chose, guess you do know me a little...(that should maybe scare you) Just sayin..

goodgosh said...

We bow before the "Wise Sage".

True, I always know who to turn to when I have a question on what something is when I haven't a clue. A good friend and person to know. :)

Nice one JJ