Wednesday, June 1, 2011


One of my favorite books is Sunflower Houses, by Sharon Lovejoy. It is a delightful book and has so much fun and useful information in it. Lovejoy has illustrated it beautifully. I am not sure if it is still in print, but most likely you can get a copy of it somewhere online.

She talks about Bleeding hearts and how you can turn the flowers into princesses. She also tells how to grow a sunflower house,  but I think my favorite story is of the little periwinkle flower.
It starts out with all the flowers being created but they were all white. Periwinkle was the last flower created and was given the task to color all the flowers. Being overwhelmed periwinkle asked how is this possible, there is only one little me and all these flowers. God told periwinkle that the rainbow was its palette and it was already carrying a paint brush. So every spring the little periwinkle is busy painting the wonderful colors we see in all the flowers.

If you gently take off each petal of the periwinkle, and gently unwrap the outer wrapping of the pistil/stamen, you will see a wee paintbrush, perfect for tiny fairy hands, perfect to paint the flowers of the world. (Amy in theGarden)

“In the language of flowers, the periwinkle is the symbol of pleasures, of memory and early friendship.”

~Sharon Lovejoy, “Sunflower Houses”~


If you have the chance, check out Lovejoy’s books. I have included her blog and also a link from Amy in the Garden. The periwinkles I have shown here have been created by some wonderful Etsy artisans, their names are linked to their shops



Unknown said...

I love that book too! I found mine at a thrift store I think. Thank you for featuring my flower garland:)

Peppercorns said...

Oh jj, this is so sweet and beautiful. I love periwinkles too. :)

Mary Richmond said...

these are among my favorite flowers! what a nice posting ;-)

VintageEmbellishment said...

My Mom loved the color periwinkle...makes me think of her :) Thanks!