Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let's Promote!

If you love Avon, vintage and jewelry, I’ve got it.  I would like to promote my latest:  rings!  I’m just getting started here, but hope to have more up soon, so if you like vintage Avon rings, I may just have the one you’re looking for!
Vintage Avon Sutton Square Ring - 1970s
Avon Sutton Square Ring 

Thanks for stopping by ~ happy shopping!  

Six more shopping months until Christmas!
Bakelite Heart Pendant - Perfume Holder - Vintage
 From around the 50's, this heart shaped perfume pendant is butterscotch colored with swirls and a brown Lucite dot center. The top screws out and has a dabbing stick. There's a small chain for you to attach to a chain or key ring or whatever use you can think of doing with it! 
It measures 3/4" wide and just slightly under 1" high, without the chain. Photo is enlarged to show details.This would make an awesome addition to your Bakelite collection!

Today I want to share one of my favorite words, spelled out with antique letters that were originally used on store and theater the early 1900's that is!
These measures from  61/4 or 61/2" (the R,S T) to 81/2" (T and U), measuring up to the flange.
 They have a flange on the top which is 1/4" to 1/2" depending on the size of the letter, and is bent back for hanging.  We use old wood molding tacked on the wall to hang them from.  These are concave which gives them a 3 dimensional appearance



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