Friday, June 10, 2011

Fun With Polymer Clay

Okay, I confess.  When working in my Etsy shop, I sometimes check out my circles and favorites so I can go see their circles and favorites.  I came across this polymer clay shop that I just had to go check out.  I just fell in love with all her little creations.  Check these out:

Family Monkey Business
This Little Piggy

Sweet Angel Keepsake
Steampunk Doll

The attention to detail is just amazing!
Don’t forget to visit her website ~ she’s got a gallery of 
photos with more creations.

Happy Friday, have a great weekend, 
and don’t forget to come back 
and see what’s happening with the ACJ crew.
See ya next time!
Duuude  : )


jj said...

Nice doodle! It amazes me what people make with the polymer clay and the details they put into them. She has very cute creations.

Peppercorns said...

These are adorable. I'm rather fond of that little pink pig. :)

Unknown said...

They are so cute!