Sunday, May 22, 2011

The View From A MiniVan Window

We took another short trip last weekend, drove from Southern California up Interstate 5 to Medford, Oregon....and on the way saw some very interesting road side art....

The first item is something that we have checked out on each of our trips up Interstate 5....a Cow (Yep, I said a Cow) created from scraps of metal and standing tall and proud on a property in Northern California...
The creator of this great piece used to dress it up for each holiday, I think my favorite was the red, white and blue outfit for the 4th of July...we haven't seen any costumes  the last couple of times so I am not sure it still sports it's  finery on special occasions...but this is very impressive just the way it is now!

A little bit farther up the road is a relatively new creation. On our trips we watched as this one took shape and each time we drive past it seems to have some new bells and can't see them in the photo but there is a solar panel by the side and what appears to be lights the length of the DRAGONS body....I would love to see him all lit up at night!
This spectacular Dragon stands in another roadside field...and he too is created from bits and pieces...amazing what someone can create from scraps of metal!

Farther up the road and just a little while before we cross the border into Oregon is a BARN ROOF that we always look lifts our spirits just to see it!
What a lot of love (and talent!) in this painted message that greets all who drive up the road....This has been there since sometime after 911, as you can is kept in beautiful condition....This has a very special place in our hearts!

If you are taking a car trip somewhere, remember your can show up just about anywhere!


Peppercorns said...

These are amazing VE! I love "roadside art" and I'll always remember the one's I've been lucky enough to see.

Great post. Makes me want to take another road trip. :)

jj said...

These are awesome VE.....I thought the cow was great, then I scrolled down and saw the rest. How fun, I wish there was more of that around. You may have to time it so you can drive by the dragon at night and see it all lit up and take pictures for us. :)

goodgosh said...

Oh! Oh! I LOVE the metal sculptures! How refreshing to see some creativity in the world exists in the strangest spots.

Unknown said...

Very cool! I would like to see them in person :)