Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My story....

A couple of years ago I got started on Etsy….I jumped in with both feet and didn’t really know what I was doing.
I looked around here and there, found a couple of threads in the forums that caught my interest.
I kept going back to one particular thread and watched to see what would happen. I didn’t join in right away as these people seemed to know each other and I didn’t want to intrude.
This particular thread invited everyone to join in on the fun, finally I took the plunge and I did join in.
I entered into my first sneak attack….
woo boy, did it turn into a frenzy when the shop was announced! People had special shopping carts that would run over, push and squash, other people out of the way as they fought to buy the items they wanted first.
Well, one of the first times I (unknowingly) stole something from some one else’s shopping cart. When I went back to the thread this person was asking who stole it. (this was a common occurrence and part of the fun, although at the time I didn’t know that)
It was runswithscissors4 and she assured me that it was fine and had congratulated me on my first sneak attack purchase. Runs has a thing for …um…freaky looking owls…and ducks and pez and bakelite and… (well, the list goes on and on)


I came back for more after that. They were held weekly and a different shop was attacked each time.
That’s when I met Goodgosh, who has defined whole new meanings for the words “snicker”, “snort” and “chortle” and then of course there are a few of her favorite words….but I won’t list them here…..


Soon to follow was “dude’ or aka, doodlebeacards. Somehow or other Doodle has adopted (or had been given) the roll of the headmaster, really she just tries to keep us all in line…sometimes…. but she also instigates things sometimes too.


Even though I didn’t know it right away, I quickly learned these two were sisters,
VintageEmbellishment and peppercorns2

(anyone with a sister would have picked this up quickly)
VE is always innocent, no matter what. 
Of course we can't forget Mr. Bubbles....I will leave the explanation of his name up to VE
Pepper has a problem staying seated on her chair…some days it seems like she is rolling around on the floor more than sitting.


I have been very fortunate to meet these people, they have given me valuable help, encouragement and good old friendship.
Some of us have actually met in person and I am happy to report that we all liked each other as much in person as we did online.
We are spread out from one coast to the other with a couple stuck in the middle.
They have been a blessing indeed, and I hope at one time or another I have been able to return the favor to them.

Some of their shops are linked to their avis, (they all have more than one shop) so…take a peek and see what they are all about.

Thank you my friends



Runs With Scissors said...

Are you sticking to this story? :o)

I'm verklempt. Remember the time we all showed up for a SA in tanks? LOLOL!

Why does it sound like you are going somewhere? I sure hope not.

A Collective Journal said...

Oh yes...I am sticking to this story :)

I remember quite a few different outfits we all showed up!
Nope, not going anywhere, just wanted to say thanks to you all in a roundabout way.

Peppercorns said...

JJ, that brought tears to my eyes. You certainly have been a blessing to all of us and we do share some really nice memories, don't we.

I think I need to say I have trouble staying in my chair because I'm ROFL..:)

Runs With Scissors said...

That's not what we heard pepperhead! Isn't that the reason you need a helmet? Because you keep falling out of your chair.

I know the story behind Mr. B's nickname! :o)

Thank you, JJ, this was a pleasant surprise this morning!

Peppercorns said...

I was being so sweet and emotional, and then we heard from the duck..............just like old times. :)

goodgosh said...

Aw, I feel something that I'm not used to feeling...could it be "warm and mushy"?

I remember first meeting you on there ~ I knew you'd be a kindred spirit and you are. I miss the days on the thread, I never laughed so hard at times with all you maroons.

You've all been a delight.


Doodle said...

Oh my, getting sentimental now, are we JJ? I remember those days as well. Whoever would have thought that then would lead us here! It's been fun, a great ride, and maybe someday, we will all meet and ROFL at the stories we've shared. Thanks for the memories!!!


VintageEmbellishment said...

I am so happy you reminded everyone that I am always innocent :)
Your are right about this special group of friends...someday...Cape Cod, a porch and rockers!