Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Got garlic?


Last year we started a little vegetable garden, this year we expanded. We also moved it to a completely different spot.
We moved it into the back yard….the kids don’t play in the yard anymore, they are more interested in going to work or hanging out with friends and boyfriends…..soooo, we reclaimed a small part of the yard to try our hands at gardening. We’ll see how it goes. 

The garden ended up being a little bigger than we first planned, but now that we have everything planted, it’s not big enough.
One thing I wanted to plant is garlic, but after reading about it I have to wait until the fall to plant it for next summer.
Did you know that most of the garlic you buy in supermarkets is treated to last longer, and that it does not have nearly as much taste as untreated garlic?  There are two main types of garlic which is then broken down into several different names, with different tastes. So I figure now I have all summer to decide which kinds I want to grow and to see if I can find them. It is pretty easy to grow and does not need much care. You do have to cure it for 2 to 3 weeks once it is harvested. That could be the tricky part if we continue to have this kind of damp rainy weather we’ve been having lately.

Since I can’t plant any garlic now, I did a little searching (out of curiosity) to see what would show up.


there was a lot that came up and all the pictures here are some of what I found. From vintage to handmade, useful to decorative.  Hope you enjoy looking at these fun items.


Besides all the health benefits of garlic, there is always the fact that it does keep vampires away…. (just something to keep in mind)




Peppercorns said...

Now I want to plant some garlic! And I can verify it keeps the vampires away, I haven't seen one, ever! Of course, I havent' seen any elephants either. :)

goodgosh said...

All I needed to know and more about garlic. :) One of the best smells of summer is when the garlic salt hits the flames of the grill. Ahhhh.

Amy Lim said...

Thank you, thank you for including my crocheted garlic here :) I really enjoy reading your post and I so envy you for having your own vegetable garden! Happy planting and harvesting! -Amy (melbangel) said...

I learned new stuff about garlic! Happy gardening JJ!

Thanks so much for adding my pottery to your article :o)


Debbie Shirley said...

Ooohh - we used to grow garlic when I was a kid. The plants are really cool - the top part (where the seeds are) grow into a little spiral. Hmmm, now I may have to plant some garlic of my own this year!

Thanks for including my little ACEO in this fun and informative post!!

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