Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good Old Days!

So much lately, I find myself thinking of the "good old days".  I think it's because there's just too much going on around us, people are in such a hurry and it seems like not enough people have the time just to smile or wave to someone anymore.

I remember shortly after my father passed, the family was sitting around and I mentioned how funny my dad was when he took us to the shore each year.  He'd walk across the hot sand, picking his feet up high with each step and going ouch, ow, ouch, ow, which made us laugh.  My sister looked at me and said "How I hated the shore".  Me, too, I said!  My mother looked at us and said "You did?  He only took you there because he thought you loved it, he hated it too".  Those were the good old days!  I remember vividly the hotels we stayed in, those wonderful old smelly places that are long gone.
I thought I'd look up what I could find on old hotels/motels.  Pull up a chair and put up your feet while we take a look back!
This web site is awesome, not just for the Caribbean Motel in New Jersey, but for other posts, too.  Fab Vintage Vacation! Caribbean Motel, Wildwood NJ «
A few years back, I was at an auction and while waiting for it to start, a bunch of us sitting around started talking.  One man mentioned he wanted to buy a town.  A Town??  He went on to say, the whole entire town would be like the old times.  He'd have a 5 & 10 cent store, a wonderful diner, drive-in movie theater and a hotel.  The hotel would have no air conditioning, no TV sets, no phones, everything would move slow and everyone would know everyone else.  Sure wonder where that man is now!
Do you have any stories you want to share?

Have a great day!


Peppercorns said...

Thanks for the tour of the TeePee Motel. I remember passing one of these motels on our trips across the country when I was a kid. I always wanted to stay in one, or at least see the inside. Soooooooooooo thanks RWS!

Doodle (aka Julie) said...

Wow! The good old days. What a trip down memory lane as far as stories go. I remember the drive in movies. My Mom would pop lots of popcorn (not the microwave kind), enough to fill a small clean trash bag, Dad would bring in the cooler for soda pop (and his beer of course) and we would enjoy the show ~ and usually a double feature. Yes, the good old days.

Thanks for the memories RWS! Great post.

Runs With Scissors said...

Oh, Dude, you went to the drive-ins with your parents? Not the memories I have of them! I do remember going with a boyfriend and falling asleep at one and getting home at 2 AM. My Mom didn't believe we fell asleep :(

goodgosh said...

Ah, I was just reminiscing today about old times! My parents would take all 7 of us to the drive-in in our pajamas and some of us would lay on top of the bus in sleeping bags! Sunday night with popcorn and blankets watching Walt Disney, catching bullfrogs and turtles in our pond, watching our grandma chop chickens heads off with an ax and heave them into the river for the fish. LOL
I miss those days too and would gladly live in a town where you hitched your horse up to a post and bought candy for a penny.
And I just saw where Ralph Lauren has teepee's on his ranch that are pretty cushy. I'd stay there. :)

Doodle said...

hahaha, sorry RWS, no boyfriend stories. Did go with my brother once too. I believe it was to see The Shaggy Dog and Absent Minded Professor ~ both Disney flicks.

GG, I think I had my pj's on as well. I think it made it easier for my parents to say "ok, not get to bed". hahaha

RWS, I have a hard time believe you fell asleep too. Just saying!!!!!!!


jj said...

Guess I am just young enough that I missed the drive-ins.....
Yeah, I agree with fell asleep at the drive-in...uh huh.
You watched grandma chop off the chickens heads????