Monday, May 16, 2011

Child's Play


 As an Antique dealer I have always been intrigued by old and well loved children's toy....Especially in this day and age when kids seem to want something to entertain them instead of using their imaginations to create their own magical world....A world filled with dolls.....or Books....

And I think a child who never knows the joy of hugging a Teddy Bear is a child who is missing out on a special part of their childhood....

I remember my children crawling around on the floor pushing toys or making animals growl (I have heard that crawling stimulates the learning centers of the brain), their imaginations hard at work....


A Tin Pail


   A Sewing machine                 Camelotia

                                                        An adorable little boy doll



And Last but not Least   The Clown.....and it is a beanbag!  double the fun..... I think if more children had clown beanbags to play with there would be a lot fewer adults afraid of clowns!

I hope you enjoyed our journey down memory lane and I also take the video games away and give the kids a real that will challenge their imagination....



Runs With Scissors said...

Wow, I love this post! Especially the camper! All the photos look great. Nice job, VE!

Peppercorns said...

The camper caught my eye too. It's wonderful and I don't remember seeing one before.

I agree so totally that children need to "physically" play, using both mind and body.

Now that's a really novel idea VE. :)

Doodle (aka Julie) said...

What ever happened to playing outside till dusk, playing ball, jax, hide and seek. Oh how I remember all the baseball and football games on my street growing up. The young kids would watch the bigger kids! And on rainy days, we played inside with our dolls, cars, whatever. Ah, the good ole days of "childhood".

Thanks for the memories, VE.

jj said...

I love old worn and used toys. It makes you wonder what child played with it, especially when they are well used.
Kids definitely need to use their imaginations more....I don't ever remember saying I was bored very often.