Monday, April 18, 2011

I Love Wood...


I love wood, at least items created from wood.  Wood improves with age and use (unlike some other things in life!) so new items or vintage items, if they are made from wood they grab my heart and I find my hands reaching to touch them.

I found some beautiful wood items that I need to share with you...

Just look at this button, hand crafted from eucalyptus cut from the burl of the tree.  TanglewoodStudio explains it this way, 

"My buttons are cut to expose the beautiful face grain of the exotic woods that I use. They are then sanded, and continue through a 3 step buffing process; natural finish is applied and then finished with a final wax buffing. There is a copper shank on the back for sewing to your garments or choice of art."

 Or how about a cherry and walnut Sushi Board, described by DP customs as...

"This individually sized sushi board features an interesting piece of cherry and is accented by peruvian walnut angled feet and accent inlays. I took great care in preserving the grain varigation in the cherry, sometimes nature provides the best highlights."

I found a wonderful little vintage pin in the shape of a horse at EverSoDear who explains that..
"This is from the 1940's when metal was scare & used in the war effort"

holzfurhaus creates stunning works of art like the Ash Sunrise Cup described here and pictured below....

"Ash Sunrise Cup" is made of ash. It is colored with analin dye, red and yellow on the outside. The inside is left the natural color. This bowl features a natual edge without the bark. This is an ornamental piece not intended for food or liquid. It is finished in French Polish (shellac). And make note this bowl has a crack in one side"



Peppercorns said...

Wood is beautiful and these items are amazing. TanglewoodStudios is one of my favorites. Her work is outstanding.

Great choice of shops VE.

jj said...

Wood finds a way to my heart also.
These are beautiful pieces.

Doodle said...

I love wood as well. These pieces are amazing. If I could work with glass and wood ~ let's just say life would take on a whole new meaning!

Runs With Scissors said...

Oh, such wonderful items! That horse pin is the best!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for including my button in these beautiful works of art in wood.