Sunday, March 27, 2011

The XYZ of Industrial Decor


 One of the newest decorating trends is "Industrial Decor"...but what is it?????

Industrial Decor uses items from factories and schools, medical facilities, churches, farms and shops to create a decorating theme using functional vintage items.  The well worn stools, tables, office furniture, wastebaskets, lighting, storage units and miscellaneous items from industry fit the criteria perfectly.

Their chief characteristic is that they were designed to do a job -- sturdiness, function and durability were the hallmarks of these items, and  therein lies their charm. A little bit of rust??? Just makes the item better!

I went looking on the internet for items that would be perfect  for adding a touch of  Industrial flavor to the decor of a home....I found so many wonderful items on Etsy that I created a treasury about them :) Click on the name below the treasury to visit the treasury..

I also looked around Zibbet and was pleased to find some interesting things there too...Including Industrial prints for your walls.




Whether you would like a home which is completely Industrial Decor, or just want a few unique items to set your home apart from others, I hope these suggestions give you some ideas!

Have fun with this :)



Peppercorns said...

Thanks for the information VE. I really like a touch of industrial decor, it adds that bit of whimsy that's so much fun.

Doodle said...

Who would have thought. I have some new ideas to consider for my next home now. Thanks for the cool info. : )

Runs With Scissors said...

Love your treasury! Industrial is HOT these days!

jj said...

very nice! It is great to see old items being used in a new way.

Unknown said...

Great info and a fun blog ♥ I would LOVE to actually have and use that sewing machine. love love love!! Thank you for including it xo karen