Tuesday, March 1, 2011


When I ordered my winkles from Ireland, I received a bit of teasing about their name. I admit it may have been because I was so excited about getting them. Someone (we will not name) even had so much fun she made a wonderful treasury with winkles as the basis. Well, I've received my winkles and they are so tiny and cute...I love them!

I decided just for the fun of it to do a search on Etsy and Artfire to see what comes up when you enter "winkles". I had no idea there would be such a fun and wide variety of items. Here are the different things that I found:
                          Tiggy Winkle Tea


                                                               Winkle Trapp and Glenn

          Kathie Winkle Olympus Pattern Cup and Saucer Set by Broadhurst China


Lucie and Ms Tiggy Winkle head down the hill

Winkle - 1oz Wool Fiber

Vintage Rip Van Winkle Velvet on Glass Picture Circa 1975

And the winner is.........................

Photo Card - Winkles 5x7

Pick a word, any word, and do a search. You'll be surprised what pops up.

Pepper/Helmet Head


jj said...

and at first I thought you said winkies! lol!
uh, very nice Pepper. It is fun to see what comes up in searches, sometimes.
Now you just have to show us what you are going to do with them...or are they just for display?

VintageEmbellishment said...

I learn something new every day on this blog...who knew all that winkles could be!

Doodle said...

Winkles are the new fad around here. So glad you decided to share. And yes, what JJ said - whatcha gonna do with your new "winkies"?


Meeling said...

How fun!..I checked out her shop and what cute stories she has to go along with her winkles.

Cute post!