Saturday, March 26, 2011

What's It?

If I asked you what this is, would you know?

What about this one?
Okay, this one is a dead giveaway!
These are my latest obsession, vintage eyeglass holders. 
You don't see them too often, it's difficult to find any research material on them, so I had to wing it.  In all my travels, I've only found two more that weren't vintage but handmade in a ceramic class or something.  Don't get me wrong, they were cute, but just not quite me, the vintage ones are!

BOLO for poodles!  I want a gray and a pink poodle for my collection!  Must be vintage!  Most likely from Chadwick and marked Japan (NOT Made in Japan which dates them before the late sixties).


Peppercorns said...

Another great collection!? How do you find these treasures? I will BOLO for the poodles for you. I don't remember ever seeing the eyeglass holders before.

Very interesting. :0)

Meeling said...

What a cool thing to collect! I've seen a few of these around at flea markets and stuff.

The owl one is really cool!

VintageEmbellishment said...

I just sold one at a friends sale, you know the friend :)
But it was a fairly new one so don't fret!

I will have Mr. B keep his eyes open for them, he is a great picker...

jj said...

I would have these all around my house holding my readers, but I would probably still lose them. These are cute, I don't think I have ever seen them either, will have to keep an eye out for them