Sunday, January 30, 2011

How do your Repurpose a Flower Frog? And What is a Flower Frog anyway????

Flower frogs have been around for many, many years.  Originally  used for flower arranging, they are meant to sit in the bottom of your vase or your bowl and the stems of the flowers are then placed inside the small holes or on the pins.
Since flower frogs have been replaced by a foam as a way to stabilize a flower arrangement here are some great flower frogs and ways to use them today :)

The metal flower frogs with pins (very sharp pins!) are great for displaying photos or vacation postcards, cards, name place cards at a dinner party, holding a recipe while you are cooking....


Flower frogs can also be glass, clear or colored with large round holes in them....these holes are great for holding a variety of your office or home...


If I collected marbles I would love to display them in a clear glass flower frog!

There is such a variety of flower frogs that no matter your decor there will be one that is perfect....







This is just a tiny selection of available flower frogs, just to tempt you a little, have fun hunting and thinking up a unique way to display some in your home or office...I understand they are the hot collectible this year!



goodgosh said...

I love seeing the way people have displayed these and all the different kinds! I believe you might have been the one who told me what they were....
Thanks VE!

jj said...

I love the different ways to use these.
I have had a couple of these for years and never used them for!
I looove putting lollipops in them, how cute is that!

Peppercorns said...

I have a small collection of flower frogs and have a lot of fun thinking of different ways to use them. I have a large glass one on my desk for pens and pencils.

Truth is, nearly all of my flower frogs came from you VE. LOL

VintageEmbellishment said...

I loved the lollipop idea too, wouldn't that be fun at a birthday party?

littlebyrd said...

this is great! I love your idea of the marbles displayed on a one. Thank you so much!!

Meeling said...

I see them all the time at antique shops and flea the lollipop idea!

Doodle said...

Never knew "flower frog" was the name until you guys talked about them. How fun to have one for marbles - nice bright colored marbles. I might just have to look into that ~ in the future.

Anonymous said...

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