Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Every year my son and I trudge out in the cold to find our Christmas tree, but this year my sisters church was selling them to raise money so out of charity (or guilt) I went ahead and ordered our tree. Did I mention they were going to deliver it too? Well, I felt mighty privileged and decadent having a tree delivered to my door so when my brother in law got here with my tree I flung the door open with smiles and welcome arms.....and then I saw our tree.
I should have known by the sheepish look on his face when he held it in front of him, but I was still giddy from thinking I was cool for having my tree delivered.  Once I got a gander at my tree though I busted out laughing.  The poor little tree!  He offered to take it back, but by then I was in love with my little Charlie Brown tree and told him he dare not trade it for the other in his van.  
I lovingly set it up in it's stand and gave it water while thinking how this tree was like life ~ not perfect, not always what we expect or want it to be and maybe not the biggest or best, but that's not really what it's all about is it? 

I think I love this tree more than any others I have had because it was probably not the "pick of the litter" or considered desirable with it's imperfections. 
  It reminds me of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" which reminds me of what the true meaning of Christmas is all about.

p.s. I haven't put ornaments on yet. I'm afraid it will fall over. Ha!
Peggy ~ GG ~ Goodgosh


- said...

Such a great little story in the true spirit of Christmas! Good for you!

Runs With Scissors said...

Good grief! :o)

This is the prettiest tree I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing.

Meeling said...

Lol...too cute. I love that Charlie Brown special and what a great post!
I think it looks great!!

VintageEmbellishment said...


What a great way to remember the real meaning of Christmas....and I think the tree looks beautiful...

Thanks ♥

goodgosh said...

Thanks everyone! The more you look at it the more you love it. :)

jj said...

You may be right about putting ornaments on it.
At least disperse them evenly on the tree to keep the balance.
It's a "spirit" tree and a perfect one at that. :)

jcsvisuals said...

I think we can all remember having a "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Thanks for sharing such a warm story.