Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Partridge and a Pear Tree

Yup, I am jumping the gun a little bit here. It seems that they are pushing holiday decorations and things earlier and earlier every year. The store I work in has been putting Holiday items out since before Halloween. So one way or another we are forced to face the fact that the holiday season is upon us. *sigh*
 I did a little searching on Etsy and decided to just look for the first of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Here are just few of the wonderful handmade items I found.
by  iamfish


Here is a link that has pictures that you can print to color either for you or for children;

This gives you some information about the song and the history of the Twelve Days of Christmas;

This one is chock full of all kinds of Holiday traditions, pictures and facts. There are some interesting things on here and I need to give it a more in depth look.

Have fun looking and getting into the Holiday spirit.



Unknown said...

Thank you for including my partridge in your collection of beautiful pieces. As you pointed out yesterday, traditions such as Thanksgiving are important in reminding us of what we have and what is important. One of the things that I love about Christmas is those traditions that families carry from generation to generation. Hopefully each generation adding their stamp to keep the traditions alive and growing.


goodgosh said...

I always wondered why they made a big deal out of a partridge in a pear tree. :)

I'm listening to Christmas music as I write. I love the music and lights of Christmas!

Peppercorns said...

Great post jj. I love the "partridge and a pear tree" by bitowhimsy. Too cute.

Thanks for the link to the coloring pages. I'm going to print these out for my grandchildren.

Doodle said...

Very interesting. I had no idea there was so much info behind the song. Very cool JJ.

Yes, the holiday has begun!

Betsy Jarvis said...

lovely post and thank you for including my labels ! :-)

VintageEmbellishment said...

What a fun post, I love learning new info and seeing great items!


- said...

Thanks for the links! It's starting to get to me with all of the outdoor lighting on people's homes. I find it panics me a little.