Saturday, November 6, 2010

Knitting Made Easy!

This has to be one of the easiest things to knit but with great, wonderful results!

I'm using Red Heart Pomp-A-Doodle and I prefer buying two skeins.  If you only use one skein, it's a short scarf, more like a neck warmer.  I like nice long scarves so I use a second skein.  The color of this is Prairie.

Cast on 12 stitches using size 9 US needles.  Simply knit the entire scarf until you achieve the length you want.

How do you do this?  You knit two stitches between each pom-pom.

This comes out amazingly soft!  I have yet to meet someone that I've shown them the scarf, that hasn't buried their face in it!  When I told my sister this, she showed her's to her hubby.  She called me laughing and said her hubby looked at it and buried his face in it!  It has the feel of cashmere!

It's easy to tie off the ends, you can't see them!  And this is another project that works up quickly.

You can find this at any local craft shop like JoAnns, Michaels and AC Moores.  Plus, they have brand new colors out for this year! 

This is one of my favorite colors called African Violet, but I like Faded Jeans, too!
With the weather turning colder, now is the time to wrap yourself up with some knitting!  I highly recommend you try this one.  Each skein of yarn comes with directions for making the scarf, but again, I recommend two skeins.  You can buy three skeins and get two scarves from them.  Easily done in a weekend and once you get the hang of it, most likely can be done in one evening.


Doodle said...

You make it sound so simple but I'm sure I would find a way to make a mess. Domestic goddess I'm not. I'll leave that "knitting" stuff to all our fabulous fiber fans out there. haha

jj said...

Hmm...I love how these look but would not have the patience for making these.
I'm with Doodle and will leave this to the fiber and knitting/crocheting artists

goodgosh said...

My eyes glazed over at the word knit.

I'll leave it up to the experts such as yourself to knit me a nice warm hat when I need it.
They look so soft and cushy!!

VintageEmbellishment said...

Hmm, I may need to add knitting to my list of things to learn, these are too cute!