Friday, November 12, 2010

"A Day in the Life" with Natalie”

I never really understood what “vintage” was all about and why people liked it so much.  As I’ve spent more time on Etsy, seeing some vintage shops and sharing with some folks, I can see now ~ items from the past that you just don’t see anymore.  And as my Dad would say “they just don’t make ‘em like that any more”.  In so many cases, he was right.  And as a good friend of mine always says “Vintage ROCKS”.  So today, we’re gonna spend a little time with a vintage collector/seller.  Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and spend . . .

A Day in the Life with Natalie, owner of

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Duude:  How long have you been into collecting and selling?

Natalie:  Well, I’ve been collecting and enjoying vintage and antique treasures for quite a long time now.  My first job was with a very prestigious Decorating and Designing firm in New York.  The decorators would always incorporate antique and/or vintage pieces in their decorating scheme.  I was always amazed at how they used these old treasures with modern day pieces.  I was fortunate enough to go along with the Decorators on their treasure hunts and believe me it was a hunt.  We would haunt the antique shops and flea markets in Manhattan and I just fell in love with all the wonderful old pieces and the stories that went along with them. 
Ceramic Wood Grain Pitcher

Until my husband passed away (at an early age) I was an avid buyer and did a lot of my buying on line.  When my circumstances changed and my financial situation also changed, I thought,  well if I could buy from others, why couldn’t they buy from me – and so my journey began and people did buy from me – I was a happy camper.

Duude:  What got you into the vintage market?

Natalie:  I once sold a vintage prom dress to a woman that swore it was the exact dress she wore to her prom.   When she received the dress she wrote to tell me that it was almost an exact replica of the one she wore and she couldn’t stop smiling from all the memories it brought back.  She said the dress now lovingly hangs in her bedroom.  I think the fact that vintage evokes so many fond memories to so many people is what started me with selling vintage – I hope that the treasures I sell will bring a smile to someone’s face and a fond memory to their mind.

Duude:  Where do you typically find your treasures?

Natalie:  I absolutely love to search the Flea Markets, Thrift Shops, Antique Shops and of course Garage Sales for my found treasures.  As many of you will agree, it’s the thrill of the find and when you do find a wonderful treasure your day is complete – everything is good with the world LOL.  
Metal File Box

Duude:  Do you have any online research sites that you would like to share with our readers?

Natalie:  I do a lot of my research through Google.  Google can usually point you in the right direction for any research you may be looking for.  There are also many forums on Etsy where many sellers are willing to give a helping hand.    

Duude:  Where all do you sell your items?

Natalie:  I used to sell lots on Ebay but for the past few years I mostly sell on Etsy.   I also have a booth in a local antique shop.

Cracker Jack Charm Bracelet
Duude:  Do you have a special or favorite item right now?  

Natalie:  This bracelet is my very favorite.  It is made of antique Cracker Jack charms and handmade lamp work beads.  It is so fun and funky - there will never be another like it.

Duude:  Anything else you'd like us to know?

Natalie:  I love to try and recycle or as they say now “upcycle” as much as I can.  This corner piece is in my studio and I “upcycled” it from an old book shelf and fence boards.  It’s perfect to keep things neat and at eyes sight.  Of course, my computer room is a different story.   
Upcycled Book Shelf

Duude:  Do you have a blog or any other sites you belong to that would be nice for our readers to see?    
Natalie:  I do have another site – That’s were I have my hand made and primitive pieces.  I am so incredibly computer illiterate and it’s all that I can do to manage my selling sites.  For me to have a blog, twitter, facebook or anything else would probably land me in the looney bin.   OOPS – I guess I’m all ready there – check out the sign on my “upcycled” corner piece. LOL          
(no caption required - haha)

Thanks for sharing with us Natalie.
So next time you’re out and about, passing by that yard sale, estate sale, 
or checking out that swap meet or flea market, 
see what reminds YOU of the past ~ 
you may just want to snatch it up.  Who knows what it might be worth!
See ya next week.  Duuude


Peppercorns said...

Wonderful interview Duuuude. I love to hunt for vintage, and I adore my finds.

Natalie is a great choice for the interview this week too.

Runs With Scissors said...

Love the CJ charm bracelet! Can I have it?

goodgosh said...

haha Runs, keep dreaming!

Great to know more about the person behind the avi, Nancy! I love seeing how others find their treasures too ~ I find hunting for good junk therapy. And I need lots of therapy.

VintageEmbellishment said...

People do buy back the items that evoke good memories...and that is the part I like best about selling vintage and antique "stuff"...the "memories" that come tumbling out in the excitement of finding something special...I did find my very favorite Golden Book, and I purchased it on the spot!

Another good interview Dude :)

A Collective Journal said...

Thanks everyone. It's so much fun getting to know these people more in depth.

MrFilthyRotten said...

So nice to see Natalie highlighted in your blog. She's become a dear friend to me (and many others I might add) on etsy. Always caring and fun and it shows in her interview. Hope everyone visits both of your great shops! Great interview! Smoochies!

autena said...

Beautiful blog--very inspiring! i can't wait to read the next post!

jj said...

I really enjoyed this (as I do all your interviews doodle)
Great job and it is so fun to "see" the person behind the scenes. :)

Diana Putnam said...

Natalie ALWAYS has the neatest "finds". She most definately has a decorative eye and has a way of things just falling together and looking great together.

I see she didn't mention her wonderful pieces of primitive art that she creates.
(shame on her). She also has made the most gorgeous and ugly (beautiful) Prim dolls that would just "knock your socks" off. I would love going to her home when she was "creating" as the house would smell of vanilla and coffee, and on her wall coat rack would be totally awesome dolls in different stages of completion. They were works of art.....

I feel so very lucky to have her as a friend and with her being an artist friend it just makes our friendship even more fun....

Great interview....and "way to go" Natalie.

Diana P

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