Monday, October 25, 2010


Antique dealers usually collect several different things, after all, that is how most of them became dealers…their collections overtook their homes!

One of our favorite collections in our home is….Deer…big ones, little ones, cement ones, metal ones…you name it…we love it….

People who visit our home have been known to wonder why we have so many cement garden deer.....inside.

Like this one that stands guard at the top of our stairs….

 Or they may spot this one, tucked away and resting calmly in a corner…
 since it takes 2 of us to move him…he most likely will be staying right where he is!

These are all old, very heavy, solid cement deer….but our oldest one is the one by our fireplace…he is dated on the side…1947...and yes he has had some trouble over the years and has damaged one of his antlers…We bought him from an acreage in Oregon…right in the middle of a huge storm…they call the storm “the Pineapple express”….and it meant we were slipping and sliding in a lot of mud and water….but we came away with our prize…WooHoo!

But we love him just the way he is..

We also collect deer that are not cement…we have a whole herd of German pot metal Christmas deer like this one….
 Some are in great condition and others like the one in the photo are a little the worse for wear….

We have wall hangers…Note the tiny pot metal deer on the top standing next to the miniature log cabin  (another collection of ours!)

 Vintage and antique photos of deer, from little snapshots to large photos in fancy frames….find their way to us also.

Collecting is a great way to preserve the past and also keep our landfills emptier….

One last photo from the Doe on our front porch…

Hope you collect something fun and unusual….

Good Hunting…antiques that is!



Runs With Scissors said...

Who knew? I didn't!

VE, do you remember the first one you purchased? Do you name each one of them? I know that one would be named Pineapple!

Thanks for sharing with us!

VintageEmbellishment said...

Don't remember the first one, they just sort of "happened"! And we don't name them, is that even weirder? LOL!

Doodle said...

I just love deer. Such an awesome animal. Thanks for sharing. Some of them look a bit familiar. ;)

Runs With Scissors said...

Anyone remember Squishy the no nose reindeer on Etsy? I think all deer need names, VE

Meeling said...

What a unique collection! I particularly love the one by your fireplace.

Thanks for sharing!

goodgosh said...

Deer? I would never have guessed that! Now I'll think of you every time I see a deer. :)