Saturday, October 9, 2010

Primitive Stitching

I love the simplicity of primitive stitching!  There's no rules, you do things the way you want to.
You start out with a pattern, muslin (color of your choice) and a Mark B Gone (these are the fabric pens that disappear when you are done and wet the fabric) pen.

Lay the muslin over the pattern and trace it with your Marks A Lot pen.  If you are having trouble seeing the pattern, you can use a light box behind it all.

Now you start stitching following the lines.  Your stitches don't need to be uniform, that's the fun of primitive stitching.
I used 4 strands for the Happy Fall sign and 2 strands for the rest.  I love using the loop method when stitching so there's no knots on the back.  Only drawback to this is you must use an even amount of strands.

Continue to stitch until finished.  At this point, you can tea dye the fabric or do other methods of your choice to darken the material or make it look old.

This project is on the smaller scale and can easily be done in a few hours during the evening!  Do a larger one for a weekend project.  Either way, they work up quickly.  Most primitive stitcheries use very few colors. 
After dying, press the entire piece and frame.  I use quilt batting to back it and never put glass on them.

I've done so many of these and have always enjoyed doing them.  Believe it or not, I don't have one of these of my own, they are always taken by friends or family members!  I think my favorite ones to do are Halloween primitives!

This one is going to be part of the next blog giveaway!  Hope you like it.


jj said...

very cool! I do like the look of the batting behind it, gives it a nice little puffy appearance. Want to see more of them :)

CRSisters said...

Excellent job --- we just love it!!!!


Sheree said...

This is great! I have never tried this but I will now. It really looks primitive! Great post!

VintageEmbellishment said...

Another project to try...woohoo! I can see how this would work for any of the 4 seasons!

Looks like the giveaway will be soon, only 7 more followers to go til we reach 100!

Peppercorns said...

This is so great! These look fun to make. You never cease to amaze me Runs. Easy and clear instructions too. I always like that. :)

Meeling said...

That's great! It would look fantastic nestled in between pumpkins and gourds on a mantle for the holidays!