Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fabric Yo-Yo's

There's so many things you can do with yo-yo's!  I've seen quilts, vests, pins, table runners and center pieces.  In the lesson for today, I'm going to show you two of these, the runner and a center piece. 

This is the table runner I made especially to match the stained glass lamp.  
 I use calico fabrics for mine, they work up nicely.
Now for my masterpiece!  My star shaped center piece.

Here's how you make one yo-yo, see what you can do with them!
I use a cardboard circle, you can see the size of the circle I started with and how small it becomes when finished.

I'm using matching material in red, white and blue with small white stars on it.   Draw the circle on the wrong size of fabric and cut out.
Using thread that matches the fabric, fold a small rim on the wrong side of fabric and make a running stitch around the circle, starting your first stitch from the back going towards the front, leaving a tail that I prefer to knot so I can hold onto it later.  Continue folding and stitching until you are about 1/8" from the first stitch and end on the back side.

Yep, they look sort of messy but that will work out! 
Now, holding onto the two tails, gently pull the thread tight and you will see it start puckering up!  Continue to pull the thread until you can't get it any tighter and tie the ends together.  Tuck threads inside, work the circle to make it look nice and tight.

Just working it with your fingers will have it laying flat and nicely finished up.  With a bit of practice, you will be making them like a pro!

My red, white and blue ones will become a small flag mat someday! 

Have fun!


VintageEmbellishment said...

I love yoyo's!

Your items look great....wonder what you would accomplish if you had more hands and more time!

You make me tired just reading about all your accomplishments ♥

Doodle said...

Amazing! And I agree with VE. I'm exhausted just from reading. Isn't that kinda like sewing? See, you can sew and so much more. Yo-yo's ~ I thought I was gonna hear about yo-yo tricks. hahaha Never knew about these kinds of yo-yo's. Maybe that's something I can actually do!

goodgosh said...

What will you think of next? Why do they call them yo-yo's?

Anonymous said...

Trying to make star have all my yoyos made. What was your secret on putting it together.

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