Friday, September 10, 2010

To Downsize or Not To Downsize

Have you ever had occasion to downsize?  Maybe the clutter is out of control?  Or maybe you just need to let go of some “stuff”?  Well, I’ve found myself in that predicament lately.  And just to give you an idea or two of my space (or lack thereof), thought I would share.

Sad but true, and yet, this is AFTER I started the process.  Believe me when I say it was even worse.  You see, this is the shelf, now here is a section of the floor

The biggest problem with de-cluttering is what to do with everything, especially when some of it isn’t even yours! 

Trash – check. 
Dump run – check. 
Donate – check. 
Sell – wait, you mean I can sell some of this stuff?  Time to take a closer look! 

Ahhhhhhhh, yes.  Some pretty nice treasures CAN be found.  I feel like I hit a gold mine.  Yes, a vintage gold mine.  For you see, sometimes de-cluttering can open up a whole new world.  Here is just a sample of what I found, and is now in my Etsy shop.

So if you have occasion to clear, de-clutter or downsize, take it from me, don’t just think about dumping it.  You could have a virtual gold mine on your hands!



Runs With Scissors said...

OMG, I almost wish I had this problem! I mean, I have clutter but none of the neat treasures buried in it! Those Christmas lights are awesome!

I will look forward to your listings!

Peppercorns said...

You have made progress, I can see it. Also, so happy you are finding such great treasures in there. Would love to be able to dig in the garage with you.....

goodgosh said...

Why did I just look around nervously and gulp? Seems I've gotten more stuff in here and now you have inspired me to organize it. Maybe.
You've done great with cleaning out! We can actually see the floor! :)

jj said...

Great job! you have inspired me to get moving on my "junk" LOL!

Marlene said...

See, I'm the type of person that donates...LOL I don't want to bother. We actually got yelled at by a donation place when we took our second 15 passenger van FULL. But I deal with lots of clothes...yuck. Nothing like if this were mine I'd find a place in my house...LOL Off to declutter the fridge and eat. :) Great job dude!

VintageEmbellishment said...

You could always do what we did, move it to a LARGE storage unit in another state so you don't have to look at it!!

Hi everyone :)

Great post DUUUUUDE!

Debs Crochet said...

I have to get some energy to do that

Doodle said...

Haha, energy, friends and lots of caffeine. So some are inspired? Mission accomplished. Now, I guess I'll go look at that mess again. (I mean giant treasure chest) haha

Marlene said...'ve inspired me...I have a clean fridge. LOL

Kendra said...

I just moved and had to de-clutter too! Mostly tho, it was that I was moving in with my boyfriend and we had duplicate movies and books. We sold some and donated others. It feels good to get rid of stuff tho!

jj said...

Marlene, isn't it amazing when you do try to give good stuff away they yell at you!....LOL
Kendra you are so right....once it is done it feels so good!