Monday, September 27, 2010

How Do You Know

What it is?
What is it worth?
Will anyone buy it?

These are questions a lot of people are asking about the stuff in Grandma's attic...or basement...or where ever!

So here are some links to resources for what you may have :)

Vintage Fashion Guild Label Resource

Links for pottery and stoneware

Vintage Costume Jewelry

Antique or Vintage Lace Identification

Identify your silver or china pattern

(scroll down on this last link to find clickable links to specific types of buttons)

Vintage BarkCloth

Depression Glass Patterns, Elegant Depression Glass and 40s50s60s Glass

Fabric Identification


 Good blog post about vintage

Good blog for general information

Hope these resources help some of you to identify your treasures :)



Peppercorns said...

These are wonderful links VE. It is always so hard to identify and price the older items from "Grandma's".

I'm sure this is why I have so much "stuff". I love it, and since I'm not sure what it is or what it's worth, I keep it for myself. LOL

jj said...

Great links! thanks for sharing.

Me said...

Thanks VE.... great resources!

goodgosh said...

Okay, where did my comment go from this morning?? Did someone delete me?


VE, thank you for the links ~ I will find them handy I'm sure.

Doodle said...

Oh my, I guess I have lots to read up on! Thanks for all this cool info. Can't wait to start digging into stuff. :)