Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall has arrived… (again *sigh*)

Last year I picked up a few of these cool papier-mâché pumpkin ornaments. 
(with an idea in mind of course)

I was all excited and got right to work on them.
First I cut out an opening just how I wanted it.  I then gathered some different  shades of orange tissue papers to cover them.

I picked out the images I wanted to use to decorate them with, had everything ready to go.....

and then……….

the next thing I knew, Halloween had passed, so I set them aside.
Now a whole year has gone by and my little unfinished pumpkins sadly sat in a box…..
I have brought them out and renewed my goal to get them done this year.
But now what will they become?
I still have the original idea in my head, but …..will they be what I first planned or will they turn into something else? I have gotten some other ideas in my head for them now, but I need un-cut ones for that.  Hmm, maybe I will have to pick up a few more.
While I am at it, I had picked up these little plastic pumpkins (last year also…*sigh*)
and I think they need a little up-cycling themselves….

Maybe if you come back and check up on me I will post pictures of the finished products. (plus if I know somebody is watching, well.... I will have to get them done)


goodgosh said...

What the heck? You were off to a marvelous start! You bet your beaners I'll be watching and hounding you to see what the finished product looks like. :) You always do good work.

Peppercorns said...

Okay, now we know, and now we're watching. You have no choice but to finish the pumpkins. LOL

I'm excited to see them all finished and sitting in a can do it!

VintageEmbellishment said...

How do you cut papier-mâché safely like that?

Did you decoupage the orange tissue paper on it to get that great color and shine?

What size are they?

Can you make them look like a peanut pumpkin?

Is the pumpkin with the handle full of candy?

Do I sound like Peggy? LOL!

I too, will be watching......

goodgosh said...

dang. You done me proud VE!


A Collective Journal said...

with an exacto knife, safe...maybe not

the shine is from using modpodge

they are about 4" across

I don't know I could try gluing peanut shells om them

no, there was no candy left in them when I got them. Beside they are little and would only hold about a tiny piece.